Products and Services

Our team has experience in the development and commercialization of wind, solar, chemical, and material alternatives. Our Systems Level approach incorporates environmental, economic, technological and human factors in its products. Our team has helped to develop and operate large scale projects including the National Solar Thermal Test Facility in Barstow, CA,

Solar One, Barstow, CA

Ammonia Generation for Agriculture
Our products incorporate licensed and off-the-shelf innovations with our own proprietary technology. We provide networked, small-form factor reactors, with integrated power conditioning and control systems to generate ready-to-use anhydrous ammonia for farming, on the farm, from clean electricity sources, such as wind turbine and solar photovoltaic.

Energy Storage and Grid Power Management
Our Ammonia Flow Battery and Grid-Storage technologies bring wind and solar farms onto the grid, enabling new “Smart Hydrogen Microgrids” for community and industry customers with needs in clean electricity management.

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